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Furniture City Warehouse is a responsible, white glove, 3PL company conducting storage, handling and security of your property on a personal relationship level, caring for your inventory as you would, thus allowing our clients peace of mind to manage their business. Clients only pay for services needed. Managing the supply chain of your unique business and inventory is complex. Furniture City Warehouse & Distribution will design a solution tailored to your needs. Located in North Carolina Furniture City Warehouse & Distribution llc. is sure to provide direction for your storage and fulfillment needs. We offer customized service for your inventory. We can develop technology interfaces for custom order status using a simple, intuitive web interface. Manage your inventory as if it were in your own facility, our warehouse ensures the accuracy and efficiency of handling your inventory. Often, people think that controlling every area of their business is the best way to save money. If you want it done cost effectively, “do it yourself”, right?  Not necessarily, in fact, by outsourcing your warehousing and shipping to a 3PL company, you can save a substantial amount of money by giving off the most  often, overlooked costs. When factoring in the expenses 3PL provides, such as: management, responsibility, capital equipment investments, storage, labor, no show labor, handling, paperwork, repair, freight claims and shipping (responsibilities for errors).  3PL allows owners to focus on creating new business.  Below are just a few examples;
Team – Furniture City Warehouse
Kenneth M. Kochekian
Customer Relation Team
Lane Martin
Customer Relation Team
Donna Haven
Accounting Manager
Trina Patterson
General Manager